Support Services

Today, perhaps more than ever before, the safety of the consumer is the most important concern when developing personal care products. For this reason alone it is essential that cosmetics and toiletries are protected from the unsightly and potentially hazardous effects of microbial spoilage.

Iscaguard is continually improving its services by way of award winning and eco-certified formulations to ensure protection for products and people.


  • Advice on formulations on product selection adhering to relevant cosmetic directives.
  • Legislation and certification guidance on product composition.
  • Country specific guidance on formulations and raw material selection


A fully equipped micro laboratory enables us to offer:

  • Challenge testing according to Pharm.Eur.2011, 5.1.3, USP 51 or any other requested method.
  • Fully compiled report with relevant observations and recommendations.
  • Customised testing for specific organisms as per customer requirement.


Samples of all our products can be requested via the relevant distributor for your territory via the listed distributor contact page or from us directly by contacting